A few words from our founders

Speaker 1

Satish Suhag

Dear Parents, Education is a continuous process that makes a human being disciplined and civil. It sets us towards the path of righteousness. The objective of Education has always been to help mankind attain and refine its knowledge and employ it for the betterment of the society. With this objective in mind, we and our institution, Kerala Public School, Jaitrawas, Rewari, has been striving for the past 20 years for the betterment of education and society.

Our motto is ‘आत्मानम् विद्धि’, which means ‘ to know Thyself ’. Through literacy and discipline, we guide our students towards enlightenment of self and achievement of prosperity in their life. Our institution provides a healthy, stress-free, calm and natural environment for proper physical and mental development of our pupils. We do not believe in ostentatious show off. Our priority has always been our students, their education and helping them realise their potential.

Join us in this great endeavour to reform our society and nation into a utopia of unity and opulence.